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      Oh! if you make a favor of it, Varley, all rightalthough I dont see the use of it.

      I hear, he said, bitterly. But you are wrong. She deceived youallas she deceived me. She loved Norman Druceshe left Belfayre with him.Thats so, said Simon. If youll wait here, Ill go and fetch my man; well make a kind of litter and carry her to the hutpraps we could fix up something out of the things lying about here, and he looked round.

      He leaned back, and crossed one leg, his womanish hands clasped over it, and looked at her with the shadow of a smile in his piercing eyes. He seemed in no hurry to take her to Lady Wyndover.

      None! echoed Barker. Not the pearl suite, my lady?

      She aint dead, said Simon, judging by the swift look of unspeakable relief upon Traffords face. I thought as how Varley Howard aimed too high to hit her mortal, like. Its lucky for you, mister, that she come a-tween you, or youd been a dead un. Shes saved your lifeif shes lost her own.




      Better come down with me to-morrow, said Lord Selvaine. There is a kind of conference on. Things are very bad, you know.


      I dont think any one could teach me, said Esmeralda, calmly. I shouldnt have the patience. The Penman used to say that the only way to keep me sitting quiet would be to tie me down, hands and feet; and that wouldnt do for learning the piano, would it? and she laughed.She ran out of the room even as she spoke, and Lady Wyndover laughed and shrugged her shoulders.